Yellow Dog Policy

A courtesy reminder email or text will be sent up to 72 hours prior to your appointment time. An email address is required.

Yellow Dog must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment of any cancellations. Leaving a message on the business answering machine is sufficient. This allows us time to try to book a replacement for your vacated appointment.
The client may be billed for the normal grooming charge if 24 hour cancellation notice is not provided.
Service may be terminated for repeated cancellations without 24 hr. notice.

Excessive De-Matting:
Excessive de-matting is a very painful process for your dog, even when done by a groomer. Yellow Dog groomers will not de-matt excessive matting. If we are unable to brush out the matts, the hair will have to be cut. The length of the haircut is dependant on how much space there is between the matt and the skin. Generally matts are close to the skin, making the cut very short.

Dog Behaviour: ( biting )
Groomers at Yellow Dog will not continue working with aggressive dogs and may refuse service. If a pet is upset, we may skip any stressful procedure or take a rest time before we continue. For the safety of the groomers some pets may require muzzling for the duration of the groom should the dog show signs of aggression towards the groomer.

Flea Free Policy:
Any pet that comes in with fleas immediately is put into the tub for a flea bath; this will result in the owner being charged an extra $10.00.
 It is very important to let us know if you think your pet may have fleas before you come to your appointment.  Sometimes it is difficult for us to tell if fleas are present until we start the grooming process.  If we find fleas during the groom we will contact you immediately.  There will be no surprise charge on your bill.We have put this policy in place in order to keep our grooming area clean and your pet flea free.



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