Why Yellow Dog Grooming?

Top quality grooming, top quality products & top quality people right in the heart of Ancaster.

We love Dogs. We respect dogs. We have the unlimited patience required to work with dogs.

The focus of Yellow Dog's grooming practice and procedures is safety first at all times. It sounds like this may be obvious but safety can be often overlooked when poor quality,out of date equipment is used and groomers are pushed to get dogs out the door.

Yellow Dog Studio has a commitment to the highest level cleanliness and good hygiene at all times. All tools, tables and tubs are disinfected* thoroughly between grooms. Floors are swept and moped consistently to ensure a safe and clean environment. An unhygienic grooming area can lead to sick dogs and sick people. *All cleaning products used at Yellow Dog are natural and pet friendly.

Yellow Dog uses only dog specific shampoos, conditioners and treatments that have been sourced for their high quality ingredients and exceptional results. At Yellow Dog we want your pet to look and feel its best. Using the right products will make all the difference in the final groom.

Yellow Dog groomers are trained and qualified and have committed to continually search for the best tools, grooming practaces and products for your pet. We are always continuing our education through seminars, trade shows and industry associations to make sure that we have access to cutting edge procedures and techniques. We are always pushing for higher safety standards and accoutability within the industry.

Yellow Dog Grooming Studio is truly a local business. We are so proud to be a part of the thriving community that exists in Ancaster. We have always felt that a warm, inviting place for the dogs and dog owners of Ancaster was missing. Yellow Dog is here to fill that gap. Swing by our Studio for a chat and a coffee at any time. At Yellow Dog we are always happy to see and your furry friend.

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