About Vicky, Founder & Groomer.

 Owner & Founder. 

Like you, I have a dog, in fact I have two, Wilson a Labradoodle and Fezziwig my Old English Sheepdog. I love my Dogs. I want my dogs to be happy, healthy, clean and tidy. Keeping your dog clean, brushed and  groomed is a big part of ownership. Also for me, keeping Wilson and Fezziwig clean was a big part of keeping my home clean and smelling nice, my clothes clean and relatively free of dog hair and my bed clean. ( yes Wilson and sometines Fezzi sleep on our bed ) keeping my dogs fresh and cuddly is important to me because there  are few things I enjoy more than a snuggle with my soft, sweet smelling pooches.

     Yellow Dog Grooming grew out of a lifelong love I have for dogs and the relativity new love I have for Ancaster ( where we have lived for the past 5  years ). I noticed that there was not a local place for the dog owners of Ancaster to bring their dogs to for a good all over deep down clean, a hearty  brush out and a tidy haircut. I was looking for a warm, inviting place within our community where Ancaster 's Dogs and Dog owners would enjoy visiting  to keep their pooches skin and coat in tip top condition. Where dogs got individual attention and love. I  didn't want a groomer that worked under time  pressures and quotas as many do in the big box stores. So, I have started one myself. Yellow Dog Grooming -Ancaster is the culmination of  extensive of training, schooling and planning to make my vision a reality, and this is only the start.

Thanks to many people and businesses in the community we have created a space that is ideal for the custom care that is required for all Yellow Dog  clients.
It truly is a beautiful
place to bring the four legged members of your family and know that they will be treated with skillful hands and a big heart, in a clean, safe and welcoming environment.

  • I attended Pampered Paws Grooming School in Yorkville and Best Friends & Raina's Grooming School in St. Catherine's.
  • I am a licenced Bather of Achievement as awarded by the National Groomers Association of Canada.
  • I am a Certified Companion Animal Specialist as presented by PIJAC Canada.
  • I have certification in Pet First Aid from St. John Ambulance.


I have  one husband, two children, one dog and two cats. Before I started Yellow Dog I was Managing Director of an Environmental Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier.

I enjoy hiking with my dog, reading, yoga and hanging out with my family.



Taryn Beattie - Lead Groomer/Stylist  


You know I will start with this for my bio...but yes, I love Dogs. I have always loved dogs since I was just a wee bairn ( & yes I have a Scottish heritage ). I have also always been patient, empathetic & caring, three traits that are a must when working with animals.

I started my grooming career at the age of 17 as a bather in a large format pet store. After a year of bathing & drying & learning how to care for coat & skin I moved into the groom room. Over the years I became a lead groomer & was a trainer & instructor at the stores grooming school. I have groomed hundreds of dogs over the past 7 years. I specialize in breed standard grooming but also really enjoy taking any mixed breed or mutt and making them look & feel beautiful. I would have to say my favourite breed to groom is a Poodle. I like to get creative once in a while & with the Poodle coat & an open minded owner, we can create some beautiful Poodle trims.

I am proud, happy & honoured to be the newest member of the Yellow Dog Team. Yellow Dog is focused on a more intimate style of grooming & caring for pets that involves not only a great trim style but a calm, nurturing place where dogs feel comfortable & at home. I have brought my extensive training & knowledge of breed trims to Yellow Dog. I am looking forward to being part of the community in the Ancaster area & I hope to meet all your dogs at the Studio.

I have a dog named Silver, A cat named Violet & a Husband named Greg. When I am not at the shop you can find me walking my dog, reading a good book or decorating our new home.


Sabrina Shenton - Groomer/Stylist 

Having grown up with dogs...big dogs, I have always been the “crazy dog lady!” At the young age of 27, lol...I decided to give up my career in management to do something that would truly give me job satisfaction and enable me to take my love of dogs to the next level. I attended grooming school at Rainbow Dog Groomers in Wigan in England. I have been grooming for 2 years. In July of 2014 my other half and I moved to Canada where I started a bathers job in Burlington. Wanting to utilize my grooming skills I found a position with Yellow Dog Grooming – Ancaster as a Groomer/Stylist.

I very much enjoy being part of the Yellow Dog team. I know that we can give our canine clients a positive experience and am proud to be part of a team that makes customer service their number one priority. I am looking forward to growing with Yellow Dog and meeting all of the lovely people and pets of Ancaster. 

I enjoy eating out, going to the movies and camping. My husband and i recently got married in December. We have a Pomeranian/Spitz called Nero and he completes our little family. He enjoys spending time with me at Yellow Dog.




Melissa Misener - Groomer/Stylist


I was born & raised on a family poultry farm so from a very young age I connected with & had a great love of animals. I had a pony, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas & of course dogs.

My family dog was an Australian Shepperd that I showed in Jr. Handling.  While going to college I had a part time job at at Pets Hotel.

After I completed college I worked as a legal assistant for 7 years & it was during these years I decided that working in an office was not for me. I found a job as a bather & worked my way up to position of pet groomer after significant training at grooming academy. I feel so lucky to go to work each day & by making dogs feel great & feel loved. I am very happy to have found a grooming position with
Yellow Dog Grooming - Ancaster.  

I currently have 3 dogs, Snoopy a Bichon, Maple my agility Foxhound cross & willow a Husky I rescued from Alberta. I enjoy going for walks with my Fur-Babies & hanging out with family & Friends. 




Margaret Mann - Groomer/Stylist 

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I live in Brantford with my beasties. Cali my dog & Jinn, Tajio and Hannah my cats. I adore dogs. I adore each and everyone the crosses my path. This is a big part of why I work with them.

It all started for me when I was about 12 and tried to clip my Poodle with my Dad's electric shaver. Fast forward to my late teen's when I began working as a dog bather then apprenticed as a groomer. I went on to groom in various salons in Ontario and B.C.
I paused to raise my family and then came back to grooming.

Now I'm in Ancaster at Yellow Dog Grooming and I am thrilled to be here. I look forward to meeting you and all of your wonderful dogs.




 Beca Jaques - Groomer/Stylist

I grew up in a small northern Manitoba town learning the art of grooming, starting at age 15. My first job working at the pet store is where I realized my passion for animals. Coming in early and staying after my shift just so I could watch the transformations was the highlight of my day.

At 19 I moved to Winnipeg where I worked at a handful of places including the local pet stores, kennels and vet clinics. Eventually, I decided to branch out, and open and run my own salon from 2010-2015. Then a change of pace was needed and moved to Ontario.

Shortly after moving here I rescued a dog named Max from Miami. I was only meaning to foster her but realized quickly that she was mine. Fur babies are my happy place and I'm thrilled to be able to work for yellow dog grooming alongside a very talented and amazing group of people. My job is a career, a lifestyle and one I live and love everyday.



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