Products We Use

We have taken the time at Yellow Dog to research many of the grooming tools and products available on the market today. With a mind to keeping things Canadian Made we have made great efforts to source only the very best in the industry. We use only top of the line grooming tools with the highest safety ratings. We have chosen multi-award winning coat and skin care products that are trusted by pet owners, vets, and championship show dog owners in more than 30 countries around the world.

Yellow Dog has chosen Best Shot as our primary shampoo and conditioning line. Best Shot offers specific shampoos and conditioners based on the dogs coat and skin type. From coat colour and texture to dry or oily skin, this amazing line of products will ensure your dog looks, feels and smells their best.

Yellow Dog has chosen the FURminator deShedding Tools and Solutions for those who's dog has a propensity to shed. Treating your dog to the FURminator treatment at Yellow Dog can reduce the amount of loose hair in your home by 90%. That's also a teat for you.

Yellow Dog has chosen the Viper Grooming Table on which all dogs, big and small will be groomed. This table offers a larger surface than standard grooming tables and includes a non slip rubber top. The Viper table also uses a T bar design to secure not only the front of your dog but the rear by placing sheepskin padded waist straps under the belly of the dog. This added stabilizer helps ensure the complete safety of your pet while they are on the grooming table. Older dogs or dogs with arthritis can easily be manoeuvred for grooming and are offered additional body support using the gentle lift electric arm in combination with the comfort padded waist straps.

Yellow Dog has chosen the Ridalco stainless steel Bathing Tub to wash all of our canine clients. This purpose built, fully welded stainless steel sink, is easily disinfected and cleaned and is constructed with food industry quality stainless steel. This extra large tub will comfortably hold even the largest Newfoundland or Irish Wolf Hound. A non skid ramp allows the dogs easy access into the tub and makes bathing giant dog breeds easier for your Yellow Dog groomers.

Yellow Dog has chosen the Wahl line of clippers as our primary clipper of choice. Wahls commitment to innovation within the grooming industry and their exceptional customer service along with outstanding professional clippers and blades make them the obvious choice for Yellow Dog.

Yellow Dog has chosen the XPower Pet Dryers to completely dry our pets after a good bath and a towel dry. Drying your pet well is crucial to the health of your dogs skin. The XPower Dryers are significantly quieter than any other forced air dryers on the market today. Your dog will enjoy the drying process much more without the distraction of the loud motor that is used on many dryers in many other grooming salons.

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