12562406 10154460312224622 673518626 oHere at Yellow Dog we love Doodles, In fact it was my very own Labradoodle Wilson that brought me to the wonderful world of dog grooming. Yellow Dog has become skilled in the art of the Doodle grooms, in fact we like to think we specialize in the Non-Poodle Doodle clip.

Doodles come in many shapes, sizes and coat types. No matter what your breeder will tell you there is no one specific style for a Doodle. In my opinion that is one of the many joys of owning a Doodle, the groom can be whatever you like short and sassy or long and luscious. Its important to be honest about your commitment to brushing your Doodle. If you can realistically brush and comb at least every second day you can maintain a longer trim. If this just will not fit into your lifestyle. I highly recommend a short and sporty trim. That's how I keep my Doodle. He looks handsome and sophisticated and I know his skin and coat is healthy and I can keep the brushes at work.



Its time to step up to the plate and tackle the issue of dogs in clothes. This may stir the pot a bit with “No dogs should wear clothes” people but I am ready to take the plunge. Some think it is criminal and grotesque to impose quasi-human practices on these cute wee doggies...but I disagree.

There is a long tradition with us humans to dress our animals. Some for more practical reasons than others. Ancient Greek armies would dress their horses in leather boots to protect their feet from the snow. Police animals have been dressed in highly visible covers to keep them safe and identifiable. It was Princess Victoria in the early 1800's that bought dog dressing into vogue with delightful doggie outfits for afternoon tea, evening ware and even special travelling outfits. Perhaps this was a little too much.



The 411 on Dematting.

As groomers we have used and heard the old saying “Humanity Before Vanity” many times, but as pet owners this may be new to you. We generally pull out this wee pearl if wisdom when it comes to dematting dogs.



Get Outside with Fido at The Ancaster Leash- Free Dog Park.

  Photo courtesy Dave Scott – Ancaster Dog Park Regular & owner of themug.ca

We have all heard the saying a “Good dog is a tired dog” or even the bold “A bored dog is a bad dog” and after this long Winter there are probably lots of Ancaster's good dogs stirring the pot at home.


Yellow Dog Philosophy

The Yellow Dog grooming process is calm & gentle, focusing on a deep down clean & a happy dog.

Yellow Dog Gallery

 Is your dog a Yellow Dog? Have a look at our gallery. See anyone you recognize?    


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