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12562406 10154460312224622 673518626 oHere at Yellow Dog we love Doodles, In fact it was my very own Labradoodle Wilson that brought me to the wonderful world of dog grooming. Yellow Dog has become skilled in the art of the Doodle grooms, in fact we like to think we specialize in the Non-Poodle Doodle clip.

Doodles come in many shapes, sizes and coat types. No matter what your breeder will tell you there is no one specific style for a Doodle. In my opinion that is one of the many joys of owning a Doodle, the groom can be whatever you like short and sassy or long and luscious. Its important to be honest about your commitment to brushing your Doodle. If you can realistically brush and comb at least every second day you can maintain a longer trim. If this just will not fit into your lifestyle. I highly recommend a short and sporty trim. That's how I keep my Doodle. He looks handsome and sophisticated and I know his skin and coat is healthy and I can keep the brushes at work.

No matter what style you choose Doodles need to be groomed and the sooner you get started the better.

• Get your Doodle puppy in to see a groomer at 2 later than 4 months. This will get them comfortable with the process and the people of your local grooming shop. Tubs, tables, blow dryers and nail clippers will all be new to your Pup. ( Brushes and combs should have been introduced as soon as you got her home )

Doodles should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. Longer clips need more frequent grooming than a shorter spot clip.

It can be an expensive proposition to keep a “non-shedding” dog who has hair rather than fur in tip top shape. This is an expense all Doodle owners need to be aware of before committing to the care and feeding of such a breed. Neglecting brushing and combing at home and missed grooming sessions can quickly lead to knots, dreadlocks and matting near the skin which, for the comfort of your dog will need to be shaved off. Leaving these tangles and mats can lead to skin infections, bruising and can at times make cozy homes for all manner of bugs like fleas and mites.

Again because of the wide variety of Doodles coats can vary from tight, curly and soft to straight, thin and coarse. These differences mean lots of different grooming methods for the Doodle in your life.

Costs generally range from $75.00 to $175.00 depending on size, coat, temperament and length of clip requested. ( Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Ancaster area )

The important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way for your Doodle to look. Your Doodles style should reflect your lifestyle and your Dogs lifestyle. Ultimately keeping your dog, no matter the breed well groomed means healthy skin and coat..and a happy dog.

Vicky Toon
Owner, Founder, Groomer
Yellow Dog Grooming – Ancaster

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